November 2, 2010

Postcard from Rita's Jumbo, now Sampson

My boy, formerly known as Rita’s Jumbo has taken on his new persona, Sampson; after all, he has the strength of three dogs. In just five days, Sampson has learned to sit, stay, wait, take, fetch, leave the ball, come, treat, dinner, and go bye-bye car with ease. He has adjusted to his harness leash and LOVES to go to both of his favorite destinations – his Disneyland which for us is the local Unleashed pet store, and to “Uncle Al’s” to play ball. He has turned into a Sampson size lap dog and loves to share my 1-1/2 chair with me and be pet and massaged. His proclivity for humping has settled down when redirected, and he has become a good listener. He is a jewel and very eager to please.

He gets so much attention, he should have his own Facebook page, since he hogs mine so well. Here are a couple of his latest Facebook portraits (below).

Well, there you go. Guess you can tell I’m pretty sweet on him.

Keep me on your email list. And thanks again for all your hard work.

Warmest regards,
Mary B.