January 15, 2012

Happy New Year from Leia (Rita's Tina)

My name is Leia (Rita's Tina) and I wanted to let you know how I'm doing since I've been adopted in August. My family loves me a lot. I like to walk my brothers out to the street before they leave for school. I am very well behaved, even without a leash, but sometimes I'll go visit other dogs as they walk by. I've learned to stay on the porch when the squirrels and birds are out to play in my neighborhood.

My sister has taught me to dance and dress cool. I don't jump on anyone unless they ask to dance. I like to go to soccer games to cheer for my family, although I'd rather be the one to play with the soccer ball. I am still learning about my cat family members so I study about them and I'm learning patience. They live upstairs so I just let them and stay downstairs without ever being told not to go on the stairs. I'm good about that. My daily walks are fun so I'm very well behaved. Thank you to everyone who helped me find my family. I love them very much!