January 23, 2012

Rita's Toby adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Toby, who found his forever home with Tom and Patty and their dog, Tara.

Toby came in last month from Taiwan, a happy, friendly high energy pup who was looking for an active home and another pup to play with. He hasn't had much training, so he was also looking for a family that was willing to work with him on his manners. Tom and Patty adopted Tara from us last October and knew that once she was settled they wanted to bring in a second dog. They recently contacted us to let us know they were ready, and they looked like just the right home for Toby. They quickly set up a meeting and he and Tara got along great, and it didn't take long for the family to decide that Toby was going home with them. He's doing great and learning some manners.

Toby thanks Rita and MJ for finding him, making sure he was healthy and sending him to California. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him at LAX and springing him from his crate. He thanks the CP Walking Team for getting him regular exercise and love. He also thanks Lois for making sure this was a terrific home for a pup. He's grateful to the Placement Team and PA Lisamarie for matching him up with his new peeps, and finally he thanks Paul for making intro's and sending him on to his new life. Attached is a picture of Toby and his new family.

Welcome home Toby!