June 29, 2012

Rita's Chi-Chi adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Chi Chi, who found her forever home with Jim and Patty and their two pups Maggie and Sam.

Chi Chi was found abandoned in a 7-11 store in Taiwan. You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpJDM-wil54&feature=share. Her situation was brought to the attention of Rita and MJ, who were able to get her into their rescue and get her healthy. She was not spayed and was suffering from pyometra and skin issues. Thankfully they were able to get Chi Chi healthy and send her to us.

Jim and Patty recently lost one of their pups and we presented Chi Chi to them - there was no question in Patty or Jim's mind that Chi Chi was the dog for them. On Monday, foster dads Nestor and Bobby offered to bring Chi Chi to them, making the long drive mostly in rush hour traffic, bless them! Chi Chi did not disappoint - she got along with Maggie and Sam beautifully, charmed Jim and Patty, and quickly found all the toys! Although she was waiting for Nestor to come back her first night, she has since settled in wonderfully and the family just adores her.

Chi Chi thanks Rita and MJ for getting her into their rescue, as well as Judy who learned of her story and raised all the funds needed to treat her and send her to California. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for greeting her at LAX, and Nestor and Bobby for taking her home overnight. She thanks the CP dog walkers for her regular exercise, and Nestor and Bobby again for taking her back to foster. She's grateful to Karen  for checking out her new home, and the placement team and PA Eva for finding her this loving and awesome home. Attached is a picture of the new family and also one of Chi Chi with one of her new toys.

Wecome home Chi Chi!