July 3, 2012

Rita's Pudding adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Pudding, who found his forever home with Mary and Ralph.

Pudding was initially abandoned and found by a rescue group, and later was abandoned by that group with over 100 other dogs. He found his way to Rita and MJ and the start of his new life at the end of last year. Pudding had a lot of skin problems that were exacerbated by the humid climate in Taiwan. Rita asked if we would take Pudding, and of course we said yes! He made his way to California at the end of May and has been patiently waiting for his forever family.

Mary and Ralph have thought a Golden would be a good addition to their family and contacted us. When we told them about Pudding, his skin/allergy problems didn't phase them and they eagerly set up an appointment to meet him. And as soon as they arrived, Pudding jumped into Mary's arm and told her how much he wanted to go home! He is doing great and they ADORE him! Everyone in the neighborhood asks about him and comments on how handsome he is. Pudding, Mary and Ralph feel so lucky they found each other.

Pudding thanks Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him well and sending him to us and the Welcome Waggin' for being there to greet him when he arrived at LAX. He thanks the CP Dog Walking Team for taking him out and spending time with him every day, and Leslie for doing the home visit that set all this in motion. He is grateful to the placement team and PA Eva for finding him this awesome family, and Paul S. for introducing him to his new people. Pudding's new name will be Finnegan, and attached is a going-home photo.

Welcome home Pudding!