January 17, 2013

Rita's Jumper adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Jumper, who found his forever home with Emilie and Dan, and their pup Shanie.

Jumper came to us a few months back from Taiwan, where he was found in a shelter very underweight, suffering from heartworm, ehrlichia and babesia. Thanks to the care and love of Rita and MJ he was able to recover and make his way to the US. He stayed with Gary and Dao, who adopted Rita's Marvin last year. Marvin taught Jumper most of what he needed to know for live in the US, and so he was ready to go when Emilie and Dan came along. They were so excited when we told them Jumper was a match, and eagerly made arrangement to drive down to the OC to meet him. Introductions between Jumper and Shanie went very well, and of course Emilie and Dan were smitten, and off Jumper went to his new home. He has quickly settled in and enjoys playing with his new doggy sibling and overall making himself at home, and his new name is Lincoln.

Jumper thanks Rita and MJ for all the love and care they provided to get him well and for sending him to us. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him at LAX and Gary and Dao for taking him home and fostering him. He's also thankful to Deanna for doing the home visit for his new parents, and to the placement team and PA Eva for findhing him the perfect family.

Welcome home Jumper!