January 23, 2013

Update from Lincoln, formerly Rita's Jumper

Lincoln, (formerly Rita's Jumper), has assimilated beautifully into our lives. He has joined us as well as Shanie, our 7-yr.old Golden mix, whom we also rescued from your organization. He has been to our vet as well as our trainer, Janine, owner of J9's K9's and we will begin an obedience class in March. He has great manners but we still want to teach him basic obedience. He and Shanie get along beautifully and he became a permanent member of our family on day one.

We tell everyone we introduce him to that he is a rescue from Taiwan and he truly is a beautiful soul. It is our pleasure to give him his forever home filled with love and attention which he so richly deserves. We are so grateful to have him with us now. We will send you pics as soon as we can get someone to take one of all of us together and we will keep you updated. Thank you to you, Rita, Gary (his foster dad) and everyone at Golden Rescue for giving us our sweet Lincoln. We will take care of him forever.

Emilie and Dan