February 9, 2013

Rita's Panda adopted

Congratulations to Rita's Panda, who has found her forever home with the Fernandez family.

Panda came to us from Rita and MJ - she was heartworm positive and had a mass on her side (which was removed and found to be benign). Panda has been hanging out with Tom for the last couple of months, ruling the roost, learning to swim and being (as Tom puts it) "just an absolute doll!" She was waiting for just the right family. The Fernandez family was hoping to find a new family member to shower their love on, hang out with, and to play with their kids when they visit. We set up a meeting and Panda approved. She greeted each family member and even earned a smile from Cameron - she happily jumped in their car, waved goodbye to Tom and his menagerie, and is enjoying life in her new home.

Panda thanks Rita and MJ for finding her and bringing her back to health and then sending her to us. She's grateful to the Welcome Waggin' for meeting her at LAX and to Tom and his gang for welcoming her into their home while she waited for her own. She thanks Leslie and Lexi for making sure this home was up to her standards, and finally she thanks the placement team and PA Jo Anne for matching her up with the perfect family.

Welcome home Panda!