March 24, 2014

Maggie's Hero adopted

Congratulations to Maggie's Hero, who found his forever home!

Hero was found in a fishing village with many skin problems and he was quite emaciated, and he also had heartworms The ARTT team asked us if we could take him in and, of course, we said yes. We also discovered that he had hip dysplasia and a possible torn ACL. He didn't seem symptomatic with his hip dysplasia and when we went to repair his ACL the vet decided he didn't need surgery after all. But, with his bad joints, chronic skin and ear problems and hypothyroidism (not to mention he was hit or miss on which dogs he liked and when he found one he liked he wanted to jump right on them to start playing, which most dogs don't appreciate), he was a tough guy to place - most families just don't want to deal with these problems.

Hero spent almost a year with his foster family, but finally along came John, who didn't care about any of these issues. John and his daughter previously had a Golden and they currently have a Sheltie. They were missing the Golden personality and contacted us to help them find a pup. They were very excited to meet Hero, and were even more excited to take him home. He's doing great in his new home and is very happy.

Hero thanks the Animal Rescue Team Taiwan for finding him and sending him to us. He thanks the CP Dog Walkers who regularly gave him walks and love during his time there. He's forever grateful to Deanna and family for fostering him for so long. He thanks Laura for scouting out his new home, and he thanks the placement team and PA Lisamarie for making the match.

Welcome home Hero!