March 26, 2014

Rita's Lime adopted!

Congratulations to Izzy and Jamie who welcome Rita's Lime as a permanent member of the family.

Rita's Lime, now Tugbert, crossed the ocean and landed for a short stay at Culver Palms Animal Hospital until he was taken in by Izzy and Jamie who were first time fosters and requested a bit of an easier first time foster for their home. Well, even though we initially thought that Tugbert would be an easy foster, he provided Izzy and Jamie with some challenges. His house training was not perfected, counter surfing was a daily occurrence, and he did not want to go near the beach because of the waves. Izzy and Jamie powered through and researched and asked lots of questions to get him trained and more at ease.

They taught him basic manners....sit, down, shake, roll over. I was most impressed with them training him to go to his bed when they requested. I know how difficult that task is for a dog to learn and for a trainer to teach. It takes lots of dedication and repetition. After a couple of months, Izzy and Jamie asked if they would be able to make him a member of their family and the Rescue approved.

Tugbert's name is from his love of playing "tug" and "Bert" because Jamie just liked the name.

Thanks to Rita and MJ for saving this boy and getting him over to the US and to our rescue. Thank you to Sandy for providing guidance and direction for Izzy and Jamie and support to Lime.