November 8, 2009

Maggie's Dan adopted

Maggie's Dan met his match on Thursday evening, and went home with Linda & Curt of San Diego; Dan is the dude pictured here with the tennis ball in his mouth!

Dan came to us a bit more than a week before, having flown in from Taiwan, one of those miracle rescues from our Taiwan rescue angels. Having completed his rehabilitation in Taiwan and receiving a clean bill of health, he made the long journey to the US in search of a new life. It didn't take him long to connect with the Welkers, who recognized how special Dan was and so made the huge trip from San Diego all the way to the west side to meet him and make him their own. Dan is looking forward to a happy life in SD and enjoying the company of this great family, and their pretty girl, Summer.

Dan's deepest gratitude will always go back to his angels in Taiwan, Maggie Chen and the ART folks, who gave him a new start against all odds. He sends thanks to the Welcome Waggin' contingent of Ira and Cheryl , who made sure his welcome to the states went smoothly, and particularly to Cheryl who fostered him (despite his gleeful attempts to apprehend some of her cats!) and made sure his vetting was done locally. Dan also sends a great big thank you to Barbara R and the incorrigible Woodman, who found him this great family (he's looking forward to meeting Woody in person and talking about tennis balls soon!)

Thanks to all of the GRCGLARescue family for making saves like this one possible.