November 1, 2009

Maggie's David adopted!

I'm very happy to announce that Maggie's David was adopted by Peter M. of Redondo Beach!

David arrived to the U.S. about 2 months ago and his story is an inspiring one of a dog left lying on the street after a run-in with a motorcycle. Thanks to a couple good citizens in Taiwan and Maggie Chen with ARTT...David quickly found refuge and care which prepared him for a better life here in Southern California...and the eventual meeting of his human companion, Peter.

For those who met David...he could have doubled for Marley in the famous movie/book Marley & Me with an energy level and gusto for anything and everything that he touched. Merely operating within his nature, David demonstrated his exuberance for this new world in a manner which would challenge even the most patient of puppy owners! After several weeks of developing a routine and walking with volunteers, David started to find his mojo and soon was introduced to Peter.

Peter spent time with David (whom he now calls Gilligan)...a very appropriate name for this sweet goof ball...and found this dog quickly tugged at his heart strings. Gilligan happily went home with Peter, a devoted dog lover and one totally committed to giving Gilligan all he needs to reach his full potential. The updates so far have been great and Gilligan is finding his way in this world with the leadership and love of Peter. Peter told me "he's happy and that makes me very happy!"

Much thanks goes to numerous folks who have touched the life of this dog on his rescue journey thus far including: Maggie Chen of ARTT, the GRCGLARescue Welcome Waggin Crew who greeted David at LAX, David & Sonsee, Joyce T, Kriss H and all the volunteers who walked David at Culver Palms...Colleen P, Cheryl C, Jody R and others. Thank you to Jody for facilitating this adoption! Thank you Diane D for scouting out such a terrific human and home for this dog.

Peter often throws dog parties where the humans eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the dogs eat steak! Now that's truly a dog's life. I am very happy for David (Gilligan) and look forward to getting updates and pics from Peter to share.

This is truly a great success story and one of the many reasons why I'm so proud of this organization and the amazing work we do on behalf of homeless goldens wherever they arrive from!

Congratulations Gilligan and Peter!