November 11, 2009

Meet Olla

Olla was found when I went to Yong-an for a walk early in May this year. There were several stray dogs wondering near the pavilion at the bay, and one of them was scary thin. When I gave a second glance I realised that she's a Golden retreiver whoes skin condition was also the worst among them.

I went back to down town to the Vet where I got some medicine that could help her on the skin and get rid of some flea. The next day my sister help me out sending her to Chang-chun Vet hospital in Taoyuan.

She is around 3 years old, had flea, demodicosis and Ehrlichiosis. Luckily the vet gave the right treatment so she recovered quite well. But her front teeth were almost all gone. I guess she was so starving that she would eat anything even it's hard, like a rock. All other teeth are in good shape, therefore she can still eat normally.

Now as you can see in the picture she is very healthy with new skin and soft hair. Quite naughty when she sees snacks, has good interaction with human. She deserves a new home and a family who would really love and take good care of her.