December 31, 2009

Postcard from Maggie's Dan

Hi All:

I am afraid I have not been very good at keeping everyone posted on how Cabo (formally Maggie's Dan) is doing and I do apologize. We absolutely love him!! He is everything that we wanted in a dog and more. He is adapting to his new home well. When we first brought him home he was having difficulty keeping up with our 11-year old "Summer Girl" on our daily walks. He now does the 30 minute walk every day with no problem and then I throw the ball for him for another 10 minutes. He is very healthy and very strong. He walks well on a leash and will sit and lie down on command (so his English is getting better). We right away had an issue with the two dogs fighting over soft toys so we have simply removed all soft toys from the house. In an attempt to reintroduce the soft toys at Christmas, they fought again so it looks like the two of them will just have to do without them. Not a problem because they do not fight over balls, food or attention so all is peaceful. We have had him to the groomers a couple of times and they just love him. He is always well-behaved and he enjoys all of the attention he gets. I have added some photos here which include a trip to our beach condo (he did very well in an elevator, my guess is that he had been in one before), a romp in the autumn leaves and hanging out with the family. Enjoy and thank you to you all for allowing us to adopt such a great dog.

Happy New Year!