December 21, 2009

Rita's Olla Gets Her Holiday Wish

Rita's Olla was enthusiastically welcomed into her new home yesterday with Kathy and Creig of San Pedro.   Creig said he was watching from the front window as Olla jumped out of the car foster mom's car and was simply breathless by her beauty.  Kathy couldn't get over that this was the same neglected, dirty and tattered golden rescued by Rita in Taiwan.   Both of their sons commented on how happy she looked and welcomed her with open arms to her new home.  Olla (who will be called Molly) also has a visiting playmate in Cody, a 2 year old golden doodle owned by Kathy and Creig's son.  Olla expressed her joy and pranced around her new home and yard with total glee...kind of like a kid on Christmas morning!!

Big thanks to Rita from Taiwan for rescuing this sweet golden girl and helping her to become the beautiful dog she was destined to be; Barbara D. and our Welcome Waggin crew for helping Olla settle into the US from her first touchdown at LAX; Camp Nakanashi lead by Mariko for fostering Olla and helping her overcome a queazy stomach from traveling so far (thanks Mariko for giving Olla the opportunity to relax and get ready for her forever home); and Diane D. for scouting out this lovely home and assisting in the adoption with Mariko yesterday.