April 27, 2010

Postcard from Rita's Paula, now called Minnie

Your Paula and now my Minnie is a really great dog!  Until yesterday, she had done nothing wrong since I adopted her. (Yesterday she stole her friends food)  She certainly has been well trained by someone and I am reaping the benefits!  She certainly is not the alpha dog and wishes all the dogs could play with her and all the people could pet her for a while!  She is such a love. Everyone is so amazed when I tell them she came from Taiwan.

I have attached a couple pictures made a few days after I got her.  Also, a week ago I took her to a fund raiser for the Wellness Community in Redondo Beach.  We joined my daughter and her husband and their adopted golden/chow.  Minnie (Paula) was very excited to find so many new friends and was exhausted when we got home!  My daughter brings her dog to my house a couple days a week, although her dog is 9 so is not too interested in playing.  I certainly am glad I took the chance & adopted her.

Thanks for the work you do.