April 5, 2010

Postcard from Wei Wei Riley Boone


From Wei Wei's family...
I hope this finds you well ... I've been itching to send photos of Rita's Wei Wei, now Riley (well, Wei Wei Riley Boone!), and finally had a great photo opp this past Friday.  We visited the Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley and had so much fun romping in the colorful open fields with Riley and our poodle Piper.  They are the best of friends, of course.

As much as Riley wants to love a car ride, he is still adjusting to the movement.  He threw up a few times on the way to the poppies, but as soon as we arrived, he was good to go and romped and let it all hang out.  We had lots of water and he replenished and was off and running.  After all the exercise, he got back in the car with a big smile, and slept comfortably for the whole ride home.

Riley's ear has recovered beautifully, and as you can see his fur is well along its way in growing back.  This boy personifies joy, and we all love him beyond what words can say.  We are already a very close family, but having Riley in our lives has brought us even closer.  When a beautiful golden bundle of joy wants to spread the love, nobody can resist!  He loves his family, and all people, loves dogs and is amazingly gentle with our cats.  While they seem to think they "ought" to be afraid of him, he just lies there when they pass, and often actually will move out of the way for them.  This dog is quite the gentleman.  He loves every walk as if it is his first, and at home his favorite place to be is anywhere we are.  We simply couldn't ask for a more wonderful companion.

We are so happy Riley is in our lives.

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