April 18, 2010

Rita's Lucas adopted!

Rita’s Lucas was adopted this morning by Adam, Joyce, their three children, Jordon, Jenna and Julia, and their dog Maia.  After an introduction to the family, and then to Maia, everyone went on a short walk to see how Maia and Lucas did together.  They came back happy campers.  After a family conference, the decision to make Lucas part of their family received a unanimous “thumbs up”.  It’s a good thing because by this time Lucas had really fallen for the family; especially the girls.  Lucas will be known as “AJ” – the “A” for Adam, and the “J” for the females in the family whose names all start with “J”.

Lucas thanks Rita and MJ for helping him when he so desperately needed it and for making sure he made it safely to the States and the Welcome Waggin’ for making him feel safe and wanted after his very long airplane ride, and Jennifer G. for taking care of his medical needs.  He also thanks Eva I.er and Elaine M. for doing the home visit, and of course, Barbara D. for orchestrating his intake and ultimate adoption.