March 25, 2011

Maggie's Macy loses her housemate, Morgan

Just wanted to let you know that I "helped" Morgan cross the Rainbow Bridge today. She deteriorated rapidly the last few days and hadn't eaten (except force fed a bit of baby food) for a week. This morning when she didn't wag her tail or raise her head and didn't even want me snuggling with her - I knew it was time. I could tell she was absolutely miserable and had no quality of life left at all. I think she probably would have passed by herself either later today or tomorrow and I did not see any point in "prolonging" her obvious discomfort (even so they said she was not in pain - you definitely cannot feel great when you haven't eaten for a week).

So she is with Molly now - and IF there is a heaven - I know 100% for sure they are both there. They were both such amazing, loving and sweet dogs - and even so I adore Macy - she doesn't replace either Molly or Morgan - they each have their own individual personalities and are completely different. Nevertheless - Macy is a joy and will now get my undivided attention. I did feel bad because Morgan did require extra attention since she got sick (which I found out 2 weeks after getting Macy) and I have not spent a lot of one-on-one time with Macy playing with toys, teaching her to fetch etc. I now look forward to doing that - she is just an absolute delight and I am soo grateful I have her right now to help me thru this difficult time. She sure is a great "snuggle bug."

Anyway - hope your four-legged family are doing well. I haven't decided yet if I will get a "buddy" for Macy. I think she deserves to get my undivided attention for a while. I haven't had just one dog for 12-1/2 years now - it will be "different."

Anyhow - I will try to get some pics of Macy to send you in the near future - she is looking gorgeous - you should see her coat now - I get so many compliments on her - and everyone who meets her adores her - she has the cutest personality and is very "well mannered and cute" when meeting and greeting people.

I'll send some pics soon and keep in touch,
Denise and Macy