March 1, 2011

Update from Coco (Rita's Lecca)

Well what can I say about Coco other than she is perfect for us and absolutely wonderful. We think she is by far the best dog out there anyway (no offense to other dog families, if your dog was ours we would say the same about her too).

We have all gotten comfortable, some of us more than we should (meaning Coco). We bought Coco this huge fabulous dog bed, big, soft and perfectly comfortable. Does she use it? No, of course not. She prefers Charlie's favorite chair and takes full advantage of it when he is not home. She seems to understand that when he walks in the door she needs to appear as if she has been on the floor all day long. She has also taken an affinity for the couch which we do let her on as long as a sheet is on it. In fact, I think she is so smart that she seems to know when the sheet is not there she can't get on it.

Coco loves, loves, loves the pool. Unfortunately we have not been able to get a photo of her in the pool yet because she bounces in and bounces out as fast as she can. Its like watching a tennis ball bounce on the tennis court. She found the wading pool step the first day she was with us and will lie down on it, roll around and then bounce back out. Its very cute but can make it difficult to dry her off when it gets a little cold at night and its 10:30.

We have started training classes. Her food aggression has really improved. We can now put her food down, ask her to sit, and stay until we say OK you can eat. She is very smart. :-) However, we have not made much improvement in walking on a leash, or learning the phrase "no pool".

We took our first extended car ride up north this past weekend. She was a perfect dog. A great car rider and a very good guest. She loved playing with her "cousin" a black lab mix of some kind, and I do know she misses playing with the dogs at your house, Tom. So when we have a better handle on listening we will set up play dates.

I've attached two photos. Let me know if I need to resize them. One of the photos shows her stealing Charlie's chair. I love that one!

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to have Coco. She is a huge part of our family and its hard to imagine our lives without her. We love her so much!

We will keep updating you!

All our best
Mindy, Charlie, Chelsea, and Coco

PS Did I forget to say that she is so smart that she only "knows" her name when she wants to? Too cute and frustrating at times. lol