August 24, 2012

Maggie's Apollo adopted!

Congratulations to Maggie's Apollo, who found his forever home with the Wallace family.

When Maggie and Joseph found Apollo, they discovered he was heartworm positive. They were able to get him treated and sent to California, where they hoped he could find a better life. He's a handsome boy with a happy, laid-back personality and he enjoys everyone he meets. The Wallace family recently lost their Golden Bodhi, and missed having a second pooch around the house. They are big animal lovers, with lots of other critters living with them and needed a pup who could get along with all their other pets. Apollo seemed like just the guy, and they anxiously set up a time to come out and meet him. The family took Apollo and Terri for a nice walk and everyone got along famously. It didn't take long to get his paperwork completed and he happily jumped in the SUV to go home. He's doing great and is happily playing tug with Terri and has won the hearts of the rest of the family (well, the cats aren't too sure yet about having another dog around.)

Apollo thanks Maggie and Joseph for getting him well and sending him to the US. He thanks the Welcome Waggin' for meeting him at LAX and volunteer Libby for hosting him overnight. He's grateful to the volunteers and CP Walking Team for regular loving and exercise, and to Eva for checking out his new home. He's thankful to the placement team and PA Jo Anne for finding him the perfect match, and to Paul for making introductions and sending him on his way to his new life.

Welcome home Apollo!