August 24, 2012

Rita's Kobe adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Kobe, who found his forever home with the Holmes family.

Kobe was found last year by Rita and MJ and came to us earlier this year. He was treated for heartworms before making the trek to the US. This awesome pup has been waiting awhile to find his home - being  around 8 yrs old and suffering from allergies and chronic ear infections, he was overlooked by many families. They didn't know what they were missing. Kobe is the sweetest pup, and gave the goofiest smiles due to a slightly crooked jaw. After spending some time at Culver Palms, he went to stay with Michelle and Sangtar to wait for his forever family.

The Holmes family lost their last Golden, Buddy, who they got from us, a little over a year ago. They decided it was time to bring a new kid in. Knowing that a mellow pup would be the best fit for their family right now, they were happy to hear that Kobe came up as a match for them. He's a big love bug who loves to chase tennis balls, and take long naps with cuddles in between. His new family just adores him and he keeps them laughing. Beckie discovered he loves the shower and thinks he should be able to take one just like her every day!

Kobe thanks Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him well, and sending him to California. He thanks the Welcome Waggin for greeting him when he arrived at LAX. He's thankful to the CP Dog Walkers who spent so much time with him, and especially to Michelle and Sangteer who provided him with so much love and care while he was waiting for that perfect family. He's grateful to Carole S. who checked out his new digs, and the placement team and PA Eva for making the match. We forgot to get an adoption picture, but will get one soon and send it out.

Welcome home Kobe!