August 24, 2012

Rita's Maru adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Maru, who found her forever home with Kim, Rick, Ricky and Golden, Kaylie.

Maru was found by Rita and MJ with a very large mass on her back end. They were able to get surgery for her, and thankfully the mass turned out to be an enormous lipoma, which is a benign fatty tumor. Her surgery left her with some excess skin on her rear end, which has becomed thickened and blackened and was passed over by several families due to her prior mass and extra skin. Kim and Rick were undeterred by this - they were looking for a family member whose personality fit with them and could be a good companion to Kaylie - Maru fit the bill and we set up an appointment for everyone to meet. Of course this little sweetheart was able to wrap the family around her little paw and charm her way into their hearts. She is doing great in her new home, has changed her name to Kaci and has made sure she has great spots on the sofa for cuddling and Kim and Rick's bed at night for sleeping - basically she's made herself right at home!

Maru thanks Rita and MJ for finding her, getting her well and sending her to us. She thanks the Welcome Waggin' for greeting her when she arrived at LAX, and Tom for fostering her. She thanks Karen for making sure her new home was ready for her, and she's grateful to the placement team and PA Eva for finding her such a great match.

Welcome home Maru!