June 2, 2013

Rita's Beryl adopted!

Rita's Beryl was adopted on Memorial Day by the Flamer family. The Flamers drove out under the pretense of meeting this wonderful pupster and possibly adopt her. In reality, they had made the decision that she was their dog and that they were simply there to bring her home...no questions or concerns. Beryl seemed to agree as she went right up to all of them as if to say, "Finally, you found me!".

Beryl, who has been renamed "Traveler", came to us from Taiwan three years ago where she was found and cared for Rita and MJ. In Taiwan, a tumor was removed from one of her legs that was found to be cancerous that didn't have good margins upon removal. Her prognosis was "guarded". So the decision was made to place her in our permanent foster program and hope she has a very long life. Soon, a family came along that was willing to provide her with that foster home. Fast forward three years: The foster family had a change of circumstances and was no longer able to care for Beryl. So she came back to us a couple of weeks ago. Still very healthy and happy. After a thorough check at the vets, the decision was made that she was ready for a forever family of her own.

The Flamer family recently lost their golden to cancer and were on the prowl for a new Golden friend. When the placement team presented Beryl to them, they were concerned about her health, especially after having just lost their friend to cancer. So all the vet records were provided to them and they showed them to their own vet who prclaimed "all looks good". So the Flamers couldn't get out to meet Beryl fast enough. As an interesting tidbit, young Mr Flamer studies Chinese in school, so he was anxious to see if she still remembered or responded in that language.

Beryl has many people to thank for her long journey into this home. First, she thanks Rita and MJ for taking her under their wing and giving her the care and medical attention she so needed and then sending her to the U.S. where we could find her a wonderul new life. She of course thanks the Welcome Waggin for being there to greet her when she landed at the airport after the long flight, and Carol S. for offering temporary housing after her arrival. She also thanks Barbara D., and Jennifer for monitoring her care, and representing her, first for the foster home, and then most recently, for her forever home. She thanks Jo for receiving her back into Rescue from the foster family, and then transporting her to the kennel after she had completed her vet check-up and had her bath. And last, but not least, she thanks Eva and her helper, Marley, for doing the HV, and Lisamarie for helping to make the match on the Placement Team. I hope thats everyone (whew!)

Jennifer has checked in with the family and she was told "We love her and she helps make every day great at the Flamer house". I've attached a few pictures. The first one I took at the adoption meeting. The other two they took after they brought her home - one is with their son Lucas, the other with both sons. She is clearly a happy puppy!