June 21, 2013

Update from Rita's Polly

We would love to share how well our sweet Polly is doing! She has made herself right at home and become a very important part of our family, we adore her. She is so smart entertaining, she absolutely LOVES to ride in the car and all I have to do is tell her we going for a ride and to go get her leash and she bounces off to the leash basket and comes back ready to roll. Sometimes she doesn't even wait for me to decide that a ride is in order, she will take it upon herself to bring me her leash (hint hint), and if that doesn't work she has been known to bring me by keys and sun glasses. I call her my co-pilot and try to take her with me whenever I can.

We took her swimming in Kriss' pool and she loved it! She would swim around in circles and then swim over and give my daughter a hug, she did that over and over until we finally had to tell her that it was time to go home. She is a very adventuresome girl!

While she still has one bad hip, we haven't had the heart to put her through another surgery because she seems so happy and carefree. Her bad hip doesn't keep her from bouncing and dancing when it is feeding time or time to go in the car, she seems to manage pretty well! She has never been found of dog beds and prefers to sleep on the couch or in an easy chair and somehow mangoes to hop up and make herself comfortable. She is fat and happy as the saying goes.

Below are a few pictures of our gorgeous big red girl, always photogenic!

Best wishes!

The Tomimatsu Family