June 21, 2013

Update from Spencer (formerly Rita's Shadow)

Well, it has been approximately 9 months now that we have had our wonderful Spencer/formerly Rita's Shadow in our home and a big part of our family. He is now approaching 8 years old and loving life!

We have a wonderful vet and with his help we have completely cleared up all of his ear problems. Now the only problem is trying to keep his weight down, he just last week tipped the scales at 80 pounds. The vet seems to think that it is OK for him but we will continue to keep an eye on that weight, especially since he is not a very active dog. I think that i just part of his nature, although he has his morning and evening walks which he loves. Everyone in the neighborhood loves him and he has a little girlfriend, a small white terrier named Molly who he just loves to follow around while she ignores him. Oh too funny, he really acts like a lovesick boy.

To anyone who is hesitant about adopting an older dog please know that it is one of the best things we have ever done and he repays us with love in return every single day. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Thanks again to Rita, everyone in Taiwan and everyone here at GRCGLA Rescue who helped to bring him into our lives.

Attached are current pictures of Spencer. Some in the front yard after our walk....he loves rolling in the grass.