October 5, 2009

Here comes Dan!

From Maggie Chen:

One of ART's dedicated volunteers saved a golden retriver in April on the way to the airport where she was helping ART's dogs check-in. The abandonded dog named Dan was in a very bad situtation. The rescuer sent Dan to the vet's for all the check-ups and took care of all the huge bills for Dan's treatment.

After a few months of loving care and efforts, Dan is now a changed dog. Attached is all the information forwarded by the rescuer. I will send you Dan's photos after the rescue right after this.

I would be very much appreciated if you could give Dan a chance. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Maggie Chen
Animal Rescue Team TAIWAN

From Dan's foster home:

Dan was rescued in April 2009. He was found outside an abandoned house, sad and alone. According to the people who lives near by the abandoned house, Dan seems was abandoned by his owner, someone ever mentioned Dan was hitting by a car so he was not able to walk normal neither stand long. We took Dan out of that place and send him to animal hospital directly. Due to lack of nutrition and the bad environment, Dan was beginning to develop a skin problem and the weight was only ~55 lb when rescued.

Dan stayed in Animal hospital for treatments for 4 months long. Now Dan is a healthy and handsome dog. Good in walk and is able to run for his favorite – BALL. Dan gets along with other dogs well but we have not tried to put him along with cats or puppies. “Dan is a people dog actually, he loves to be around people very much”, the foster mom says so.

Dan does not pee or poo in his crate at all, a very steady dog, knowing the command “sit” ( in mandarin ) very well and like to shake hands with people very much. We do not know Dan’s history, but do know that he deserves a family.