October 30, 2009

Maggie's Dan has arrived!

From GRCGLARescue volunteer, Ira:
Maggie's Dan, quite a dapper fellow, arrived at LAX earlier this evening and was greeted by Welcome Waggin'-ers Cheryl and Ira. He came in with a bunch of other dogs from other rescues. After getting sprung from his kennel at LAX, Dan did a little business and immediately started to play ball. Even after 12 hours of flight, he in great spirits and ready to play! The extremely handsome boy went home with Cheryl.

Dan wants to thank Maggie for rescuing him, Barbara D. for making arrangements to bring him to America, Miss Hsi Chih Yun for escorting him here and Cheryl for fostering him...what a great team!

From GRCGLARescue volunteer, Cheryl:
What a handsome boy! We had a good night. He has already learned how to use the doggy door, no accidents, was very hungry (eating everyone's food... dogs, cats LOL)... and loves his tennis balls and toys!
So far, good with the little dogs. OK with the cats but needs supervision. Just a sweetheart who wants to be with his human when he's not playing with a tennis ball or toy. My husband has him out right now for his first walk on US soil. Here's a video clip from this morning and slideshow below. Much thanks to Ira for all his help last night. He's the greatest! View Dan's photo album created by Cheryl, HERE.