October 6, 2009

Safe arrival for Golden, Thomas & Luna

From GRCGLAR volunteer, Denise:
It was a lovely California day to welcome our three Taiwan golden refugees - Thomas (5 year old male), Luna (young female), and Golden (3 month old male pup). They all arrived safely and happy to feel the grass under their feet. The young pup, Golden, popped out of his crate showering Barbara D. with puppy kisses. Golden headed home with Barbara to be fostered in Riverside while Luna made her way to Hawthorne with Mariko. Thomas traveled with me south to Orange County where he'll be fostered in the next day or two. Much thanks to Marty F. for lending a helping hand today which was graciously appreciated.

All the dogs are lovely and got along well with each other!

Welcome Thomas, Luna and Golden!
From GRCGLAR volunteer, Mariko:
Golden, Thomas, and Luna (and Candice) all safely arrived in the U.S. I took some videos of Golden, Thomas, and Luna at the airport, and one of Luna at my house. Sorry for the lower quality of the videos (I used my digital camera's movie function). I hope you enjoy watching them!

Luna in foster home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELOufeUuX-8