October 12, 2009

Maggie's Golden adopted!

Maggie’s Golden, our happy little puppy from last week’s big plane ride, went home today to be part of our own Sandy D.’s family! You may remember that Sandy lost both Lucky and Arliss last month, and there’s been a big hole in her heart waiting for someone to come along and bring some golden smiles back into her days. Little Golden is just the ticket, one of the happiest, friendliest little bugs we’ve met in some time. Sandy’s promised to make him earn his keep by working as a Pet Expo ambassador, in the great tradition of his uncle, Lucky.

Thank you to Maggie and the ARTT team for getting Golden safe and sending him to us, to the Welcome Waggin’ crew for welcoming this lovely youngster to the states, and to Aunt Lily who made him feel right at home until his new mom could come to claim him.