February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, Maggie's Maria!

Maggie's Maria found her forever home on Valentine's Day with Jennifer and her children Rachael, Justin and Logan.  Jennifer rounded up her "monkeys" and made her way to my house to meet Maria on Sunday.  Maria and Rachael became fast friends while Maria sat her backside down on Rachael's lap for cuddles and pats.  Logan kept presenting Maria with toys, and Maria dutifully took each one.  Justin kept whispering in mom's ear how perfect she was and that they should take her home. After a brief family meeting, it was agreed that they should sign the paperwork and go get the leash out of the car.  Jennifer told Maria that she already had a homecoming basket full of toys and treats but may need to go add another toy after seeing how Maria loved the hedgehog at my house.

Thanks to our friends at Animal Rescue Taiwan for getting Maria off the streets in Taiwan and over to the United States safe and healthy.  Thanks to Mariko and Pam for helping with the welcome at the airport and of course, thanks again to Barbara D. for coordinating our amazing Project Taiwan.