February 14, 2010

Postcard from Rita's Becky

Becky's foster mom received the an update from Becky's adopters...

Just wanted to let you know how much we are loving Becky!  She is such a good dog and such a sweetie.  We took her on a walk around our neighborhood when we got home yesterday and she did great!  She also took a little nap on the couch in my lap...such a little cuddler!  We tried bouncing a ball for her and she was all over it and was chasing it down our hall repeatedly and bringing it back to us!  We notice she likes chasing the ball out on our patio too, but won't retrieve it from the grass--what a little princess.  We took her to a coffee shop down by the beach today and she was so good while we sat and had coffee and then we went for a long walk at the beach. We love her and couldn't be happier!  Thank you for fostering her and doing what you do! 

~Karen & Ben