February 6, 2010

Sad news about Sonia

We were hoping Maggie's Sonia would be arriving on Monday, along with Maria, but she'll not be coming to us after all.

Sonia found her way into rescue in late November, and was diagnosed with ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease. While this is generally treatable with antibiotics. Sonia's blood work continued to show strange results, with a low platelet count and bizarre fluctuations in other areas as well. We had hoped that we could track down whatever was ailing her once she arrived in the states.

But after seeking second opinions from other vets, it's been determined that Sonia has a disease that's similar to leukemia, in that her body doesn't manufacture blood products properly. This could be related to the ehrlichia, or a concurrent condition. Sonia's condition has deteriorated, despite transfusions and other heroic treatments, and I'm afraid she won't be with us much longer. Of course, Maggie and her team are devastated that Sonia will never have a chance to find a happy new life here with us.

Sonia will stay with her ART angels who will take care of her and keep her comfortable for the time she has left. Please remember to send good thoughts to Sonia to keep her comfortable and happy for the rest of her days.