March 21, 2010

Postcard from Rita's Boss (now Ollie)

From Susan...
Yes, its amazing to realize how the time goes by. We are so grateful to everyone who had a part in bringing us our wonderful Ollie.

Updates - He has fit right in from the very beginning. He loves toys, walks, treats, and ATTENTION! Loves being petted and brushed. A food supplier at PETCO asked me what I feed him because his coat is so beautiful! But I think its the petting and brushing.

Ollie went to a dog training class and of course did very well. He is very cooperative and if he knows what you want he's eager to do it. His good behavior was complimented recently by the crossing guard at the nearby school, so Ollie constantly makes me very proud. His rescuers would also be so proud of him! We recently found a small park within walking distance of our house where a group meets informally with their dogs every afternoon. Ollie is in HEAVEN there! He loves visiting with the other dogs and people. He has been very sweet with the children who come there.

When he first came we thought he couldn't bark. After we had him about two weeks, we trusted him with a dog door and put one in. Once he learned to use it to go into "his" yard, his confidence really seemed to grow, and he went out and barked up the hill behind our house. Just to show the world, I think. We haven't heard him again, but now we know he can!

Well I think all Ollie's favorite place to be is in his bed, the first picture. He snuggles in there with his toys and loves to sleep. That's ok, he never wakes me up in the morning - always patient! The second picture shows him with a plush "bone" from Christmas, posing with my son earlier today. Can't believe that toy is still around! He seems like a happy dog all of the time - we still can't believe how lucky we are!