March 15, 2010

Postcard from Rita's Becky

Hello! We wanted to send an update on Penny (Becky's name changed to Penny)!  She's doing great and we are all having so much fun together!  She is definitely a daddy's girl, often following him around the house...we call her his 'shadow.'  But when its time to settle down at night, she likes to cuddle with mommy.

Here we are on a walk down by the beach at the boardwalk!  Penny loves car rides and the beach, and does so well with all the doggy and human friends she encounters.

We went to dog beach last weekend and had a wonderful time!  Penny wasn't quite sure what to think of the water at first as the tide came up on her paws, but then she found it quite amusing!  Again she did great with all the dogs and people she met (she is so calm and just goes with the flow).

She is such a happy, lovable dog and we are so glad she is a part of our family!
We will continue to keep you posted on Penny!

~Ben & Karen