March 25, 2010

Rita's Paula adopted

Rita's Paula went home yesterday with Eileen P.  Eileen has had Goldens in the past and raised them since they were puppies. She lost her last pup at 15 years of age in August of last year.  Paula and Eileen will have lots of time together since Eileen is retired and plans on Paula being her constant companion.  Paula will also have a regular playmate since Eileen's daughter's Golden mix, Lady, visits frequently.  Thanks to Rita, MJ and Barbara for their continued efforts and success in helping these pups on their journey.  They rescued Paula from a shelter where she had been turned in by her owner.  Also thanks to the welcome wagon team that met Paula and her travelmates and transported them.  Cudos to Denise P. and Sacha who conducted the home visit. (The second picture is of Paula and her new cousin, Lady.)