July 17, 2010

Update from Liu Liu (formerly Rita's Kim)

Liu Liu continues to be a bright light in our lives!  We recently introduced Liu Liu to the swimming pool - she's not too crazy about swimming, but she enjoys hanging out by the pool's edge and standing on the first step.  We took Liu Liu camping to the Giant Sequoias where she was most intrigued and bothered by those pesky squirrels!  Although Liu Liu enjoyed the camping trip, she became visibly happy and excited when we were driving back and she realized we were within a few blocks of her home.

Liu Liu continues to be very loving to her immediate pack and also continues to enjoy chasing tennis balls. Liu Liu started dog training in June and, as we predicted, learns new commands easily.  Liu Liu doesn't always obey the commands because she can be stubborn which we view as a characteristic of her high intelligence.  We love Liu Liu very much, and we are so thankful for the great joy she has brought to our family!