July 24, 2010

Dog Gone Urban

Well helloooo...

I wanted to send along info on Arthur's blog. It's not perfect (yet), I've been too busy to really fine tune or keep updated but wanted you to get the chance to become a "follower" on Arthur's blog. He's in California with my parent's now. I'm in NY trying to secure a permanent position/job - I will be shooting backstage for Letterman Show, (well I'm talking to a guy about it anyway). On another note, STILL waiting to get into apartment (that's a long story). Anyhoo...Arthur will venture to New York about mid-August. Until then, Arthur remains in California at grandma & gra ndpa's lounging by their pool. He love's it there playing poolside and chasing Kato (their dog), around. He's having so much fun I'm afraid that New York will be a let-down when he gets here! Sure, I've had MANY offers from California - those who want to aid in taking Arthur 'off my hands' while I live in New York - NEVER!! I can't wait to get my boy here with me, miss him SO much!

Until then, I urge you to follow his blog - not much to add until he arrives but keep tuned in! Here is link, http://gothamdog.blogspot.com/

Deb and Arthur