July 21, 2010

More from Travis and Lily

Some more recent photos of Travis and Lily in the San Jose area.  Travis is the light color and Lily a little darker fur.  Where to the Dogs sleep?  Any where they want to, including Mom's and Dad's bed, which at least Travis does every night until he gets too hot, then he sleeps on the floor next to our bed.  Lily  usually sleeps on Julie's side of the bed on the floor.  Sometimes they go to bed before we do - they seem to have a set schedule.  They wrestle a lot, many times while we are have dinner - which we call 'a dinner and a show'.  They will wrestle, suddenly stop together, shake, and lay down.

Several of the pictures were taken when we were unpacking in our new house.  One is of Travis surrounded by packing paper and the other of Lily returning a tennis ball through a tunnel of boxes in the back yard.

They're great dogs and very much forever part of the family.  Thank-you Rita for making this possible.

Best Regards,
Terry and Julie