July 22, 2010

Rita's Lucy adopted!

Rita's Lucy went home on a foster basis last week with former adopter, Karin P. Our IE team remembers Karin as the adopter of Quivers (now Sasha), a skinny little scaredy-cat who Karin has nurtured into a happier and more confident girl in the past year. Deciding that Sasha really needed a sister, Karin got in touch and some intros were made. Today she emailed that she wanted to formalize the adoption and make Lucy her own kid!

Lucy sends thanks and love to Rita and MJ for saving her and sending her to us, to the Welcome Waggin' team for making her entry into the US as pleasant as it was, to Jo B., who took care of her vetting needs, and the WW dog-walking team for keeping her social life as active as possible during her stay there. Special thanks to Cecily who found Lucy this lovely home in the first place!