November 7, 2010

Postcard from Magies Thomas, now Tucker

Tucker is our fifth rescue dog. We've loved them all but nothing has prepared us for Tucker. He is sweet, guileless and full of mischief. When he's not on walks or playing with the neighborhood children, he's pressed to our sides -- which we've grown to love. To think that at one time we didn't allow pets up on the furniture. Our only disagreement is that we make him get off the bed when it's time for sleep. (He's a bit of a bed hog.) He does not want to get off the bed and you would not believe his vast repertoire of adorable looks and postures which he employs to break our will. I did once assure him that he could get back up on the bed at 6am. At that time I did not realize that Tucker could read clocks. These days I no longer need an alarm clock to tell when 6am has arrived. Sometimes I put a pillow over my face in an attempt to ignore him. Tucker responds by sticking his wet nose into my arm pit. It's a showdown. Once he actually fell back to sleep with his nose wedged under my arm. It was a rare, but damp, triumph.

Every day we tell Tucker that he is the best dog in the whole world. He has yet to disagree with this reasonable assessment.

Best regards,
Mike and Alan