November 27, 2010

Rita's Mocha adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Mocha, who found his forever home with the Carter family.

Mocha came in as part of Project Taiwan. He was found on the streets with skin issues, and once they cleared up he made his way to the US along with Simba and Bailey. He has been hanging out at Culver Palms waiting for just the right family.

The Carters lost their dog Samantha a little over a month ago, and have been missing having a Golden in the house. They were taken with Mocha's smile and fell in love as soon as they met him. He's an exuberant, energetic guy which they found endearing. They are anxious to take him on walks and hikes and were excited to see that he likes to catch tennis balls and will release them!

Mocha's new name is Magic, in honor of Magic Johnson. The family is a huge Laker's fan and came prepared with a new Laker's collar for their new pup. Magic is already settling into his new home - we got an email from the Carters this morning: 

I just wanted to let you know how we are doing. When we came home we spent a few hours in the backyard letting Magic mark his territory. Then moved to the house. Our kitchen family room is one area that he became comfortable with…he calmed down pretty quickly. He certainly likes his toys and even puts some of them back in the basket and pulls out others.

We got a harness for walks and he enjoyed the several he took yesterday. Last night we brought his bed and blanket to our room and he slept all night at the side of the bed. He was great. He is getting ready to go walk on the River Trail with my husband right now.

Anyway…we are loving him.