November 19, 2010

Update from Maggie's Andy, now Moby

Please pass along the following update and pictures on Maggie's Andy, now known as Moby, to Maggie in Taiwan and let her know that her efforts there are so much appreciated. Also, if she has any info to share about Moby's rescue we would love to know about it.

Moby is the sweetest boy and everyone who has met him absolutely loves him! He came to us very skinny and is slowly gaining weight with his new diet. We see less of his ribs everyday and he is starting to grow in his coat. My sister met Moby on a recent visit and loved him so much that she baked him dog cookies and mailed them to him from Portland!

Moby now has an older brother and sister, a chocolate lab and golden retriever and a foster golden to play with. His absolute favorite thing to do is to play ball at the park! He LOVES tennis balls! This morning he pulled all of the tennis balls out of their bag and now we have about 10 balls laying all over the front yard. He is very silly and his ridiculous ways are very entertaining!

Also, he is going to start doing a little work for GRCGLA rescue, as he is planning to go on his first homevisit this weekend.

Below are a couple of of Moby with his new sister, one with his ball and another with my mom.