January 10, 2011

Rita's Bailey adopted!

A big congratulations to Rita's Bailey, who found her forever home with Annie, Tony and Ali!

Bailey came to us back in September. I'm surprised at how long it has taken her to find her forever home because she's such a sweet girl, but now it all makes sense - she has been waiting for Annie, Tony and Ali! When Bailey was found in Taiwan she had a growth on her leg that was removed - the results were inconclusive, but thought to be consistent with squamous cell carcinoma. I think this scared a lot of people off. Also, she's a bit prematurely gray around the eyes, but has the heart and energy level of a puppy. She spent some time with Erin and Joshua and their pup Bailey, who used to be Gold Rush Lucy. Then she moved in with Debi and Mark for a while where she played with their Swissie, Forrest.

This is Annie, Tony and Ali's first dog and they are so thrilled with Bailey. Tony is a counselor and Bailey is there to sit with the kids while they talk to Tony. They are an active family and were looking for a pup that could keep up with them. They have fallen completely in love with Bailey and the feelings are mutual.

Bailey is so happy that Rita and MJ sent her to CA, and thanks Barbara D. for authorizing her transport. She is grateful for the time she spent with Erin and Josh, and Debi and Mark for taking her in as a foster pup. She also thanks the CP walking team for getting her out during the time she was in boarding. Finally, she thanks Elaine M. for finding this wonderful home for her and also for facilitating the adoption. She is sooooo happy to truly be home!