January 27, 2011

Rita's Larry adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Larry, who has found his forever home with Dave B. of Coto de Caz.

Larry was found in a Taiwanese shelter suffering from heartworm. Rita and MJ helped him recover and sent this beautiful boy to CA. He was sooooo excited when he arrived at the airport. When we were deciding which dog was going home with each of the foster homes, Larry was left and I took him home - everyone was laughing thinking I was taking on a wild child, but this boy is the sweetest dog! He was so well behaved in my house. And he dances - we called him Happy Feet (like in the movie) or Fred Astaire.

Dave lost his last dog about 3 years ago and it has taken this long for him to get over her and be ready to bring another pup into his life. We talked about Larry and it sounded like they would be a great fit together. Dave drove up from Coto de Caza yesterday to meet Larry and could immediately see what a great dog he was. Larry took to Dave right away as well. Dave took him out for a walk, and Larry didn't want to come back in the house (this is the dog who I thought was so attached to me - go figure)!  Larry said to him, "you know you're hooked, let's get this paperwork done and get outta here!" Which they did. Larry happily jumped into Dave's car and off they went. Dave reported that Larry, now named Duke, is settling in great.

Larry thanks Rita & MJ for finding him in the shelter and getting him well and sending him to CA. He's grateful to Barbara Davis for approving his trip and to the Welcome Waggin' for giving him such a great reception at the airport. I think he was happy to stay with me for a bit, but he sure did jump in that car fast! He does thank Mary Crawford for finding this terrific home for him, though. Welcome Home Duke!