January 10, 2011

Rita's Milo adopted!

Rita's Milo has been welcomed into his forever home by Dennis, Jan, Katie and GRCGLA Rescue, Jiki (formerly Arjiki, www.kentfoto.com/jiki). Milo has been renamed Fender after Dennis's favorite guitar.

Milo is our latest arrival from Taiwan, coming in as a solo passenger. Right away he started charming everyone he met, including other passengers at LAX. Nestor and Bobby took him home to foster and he was a wonderful pup right from the start - easy going, well mannered and cuddly. He came in with paperwork showing he has allergies, including to beef, lamb and rice, cats, ants and even people dander!

Dennis and Jan adopted Jiki a couple of years ago and he's been a wonderful addition to their family. Last year they decided to adopt a senior, Goldie, who only had 3 months with them. After some time to grieve they decided it was time to have more dog hair around the house and contacted us again. Milo's bio and picture charmed them and they asked if he might be a fit. We set up a meeting, and Milo was charmed by them as well. Katie adores him and decided right away he can sleep in her bed. With Dennis home most of the day Milo will have company and looks forward to joining Dennis and Jiki on walks in the hills of Simi Valley. And the family's best friend is a vet, so they have ready help if Milo has any problems with his allergies. As they were finishing up the paperwork Bobby said, "Milo looked at the both of us and said, okay guys, hurry up and take my picture because I'm staying here, now you can go!"

Milo thanks Rita and MJ for finding him, getting him healthy and sending him to CA. He's grateful to Barbara D. for approving his trip and to the Welcome Waggin team for greeting him on his arrival. He really enjoyed his time with Nestor and Bobby and the other pupz in the home, and also thanks Eva for doing the home visit for this wonderful family.