January 24, 2011

Rita's Puffy adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Puffy, who was adopted by Sharon and Roy of Los Angeles.

Puffy was dropped off at an animal shelter in Taiwan, suffering from heartworm. Rita and MJ found her there, got her healthy and asked Barbara if she could come to CA - of course Barbara said yes. Puffy is a happy girl with lots of energy and she always has a smile on her face. She loves her toys, especially tennis balls. She has that beautiful, soft coat so many of the pups from Taiwan have and with her social personality everyone she meets loves to pet her (which she eats up!)

Sharon and Roy lost their golden to cancer recently and felt it was time to add a new fuzzy family member. Puffy looked like she would be a good fit and her foster mom, Jessica, agreed. She took Puffy over to their home and the whole family was charmed. The housekeeper (who often walks the dogs) came in on her day off to meet Puffy as well - they all wanted to make sure she'd be a good fit for everyone. Puffy approved of them and the family fell lin love with Puffy (was there ever any question?). Puffy, now known as Jenny, is settling in nicely. Other than learning to navigating the stairs (we aren't sure she has used them before) she is doing great and behaving liking a perfect lady.

Puffy feels she is the luckiest pup in the world that Rita & MJ found her in the shelter and helped her to get healthy. She thanks Barbara for approving her trip to CA. She had a great time with the Welcome Waggin' team meeting her at the airport - she thought that was a wonderful day and was tickled that Jessica offered to take her home and foster her. She also thanks Kriss for scouting out this most wonderful home for her. Attached is a picture of the new family. Welcome home Jenny!