April 9, 2011

Rita's Millie adopted!

Congratulations to Rita's Millie, who found her forever home with foster mom Jana and Spencer!

Millie is one of our most recent arrivals from Taiwan. I don't know her history in her former country, but she went right to work showing off her charm as soon as she stepped paw in the United States. The Welcome Waggin' team were smitten with her (team lead Ira said if his better half Bailey wasn't such a princess he would have taken her home!). So, its no surprise she wiggled her way into the hearts of Jana & Spencer, along with their two Yorkies and cat - the male Yorkie is complete in love and follows Mille everywhere! Millie has been a wonderful guest, with impeccable manners and she can't wait to jump in the pool (she's recovering from an ear infection so has to wait a bit longer).

Jana and Spencer were recently recruited as a new foster home by Kriss. I was so grateful when Jana agreed to take the 3 remaining Breakfast Bunch puppies when I had to go out of town, and she had them for a week until Kriss was able to take them back. We didn't give her much of a break, putting Millie in there as soon as the puppies were gone. They weren't planning on adopting, but Millie has made herself such a member of the family they realized she had chosen to stay there. She looks forward to going on the many camping trips Jana and Spencer take. Jana promises to keep fostering once Millie gets acclimated.

Millie would like to thank Rita and MJ for finding her, getting her healthy and sending her to the US, and also Barbara D. for approving her trip. She's grateful to the Welcome Waggin' team and to Nestor and Bobby for having her as an overnight guest after her long trip. Finally, she is so happy to have found this terrific family!