April 21, 2011

Update from Maggie's Willy

GRCGLARescue certainly goes above and beyond the "call of duty" in making sure that the Goldens that they rescue find the new lease on life that they so richly deserve.

When our beloved Lucky passed away a few weeks ago at the ripe young age of 15, we were heartbroken; but knew that we wanted to adopt another Golden from GRCGLARescue as we had done with Lucky. We have two sons, one of whom is severely autistic, and so Goldens are the perfect dog to have in our family. Because of Matt's special needs, not every dog would be suitable for our home. We were blessed with finding Maggie's Willy, and even though he only joined our family last Saturday; he has already made his place in our home and hearts.

I am sending you a picture of Willy from when we picked him up, as well as one that I took in our backyard, and will send you more in the future.

Please give our deepest thanks to everyone at Golden Retriever Rescue. From Colleen who checked our home to Jo whom I corresponded with to determine the right dog for us, to Sandy and Cindy who were the dog placement and foster mom everyone was wonderful, and obviously this is a labor of love for all involved. We deeply appreciate everything; and we are all in love with Willy already!

With best regards,


PS: Please let Jo and Cindy know that contrary to what they thought; Willy does bark! We had a get acquainted play date with a neighbor's dog (who is quite a barker) and Willy barked right back at her!