April 10, 2011

Welcome Maggie's Alexander!

Friday night, which was very unseasonably cold for April, the Welcome Waggineers were happy to meet the newest arrival at LAX, Maggie's Alexander! Our small group of volunteers were all ready for this beautiful boy as he exited through the doors of the Bradley Terminal to begin his new life in the United States.

We quickly noticed that Alexander's crate was marked as "Alexandra", and thought that he was a girl instead of a boy. A quick check by Colleen for "boy" parts determined that he is indeed Alexander! He had the chance to meet all of the Waggineers, stretch his legs, pose for a few pictures, and then everyone was on their way. Alexander stayed with Nestor and myself on what was a very cold evening. Our pups said he was the most perfect guest!

After a walk this morning, it was off to Culver Palms to for vetting.

Alexander wishes to thank team leader Ira, Colleen, Nestor and Bobby for welcoming him; Maggie and her team in Taiwan for sending Alexander to the United States, and of course, Barbara D. for making Alexander's trip possible.

Click here to view Alexander's pictures. Take a look at the last picture..what a killer smile!